"Creating your personal style, one accessory at a time"

Bennye arm party

july 2016

About bennye

My Mom says I’ve always loved accessories …

As an infant my Nana let me use her bracelets for teething rings. My Papa owned a women’s specialty store, “The Vogue” in Flint, MI, where I grew up.  As a little girl I was quickly drawn to fashion from spending time in the store, attending fashion shows, and looking up to my Mom + Nana.  Both were my fashion role models; they dressed beautifully and were always accessorized. 

My Dad + Papa taught me good, strong work ethics.  In my early teens I worked at my Papa’s store, slowly learning the “behind the scenes” so I could work the floor and start selling.  It was here my Papa taught me customers are always right and come first, a belief that is still with me today.  My Dad was a beer & wine wholesaler, far from fashion, but I enjoyed tagging along to stores to check the inventory, POP displays & positioning.   his gift in connecting with people and innate ability to treat everyone fairly left a lasting impression on me.

After graduating with a Marketing degree from the University of Texas, I moved to Houston to pursue a job at Foley’s where I trained in buying and management.  While I enjoyed the position, the lack of daily interactions with customers was missed.  I made a change and began my five year career in Ad Sales selling to retailers, galleries and restaurants. 

A couple more career changes later, and wanting to be closer to family, landed me in Chicago.  I started my own business selling costume jewelry at local and regional shows in 1990.  My passion for art-driven and handmade jewelry grew during this time.  I started to seek out creative designs and a community of artists and enthusiasts that appreciated handmade craftsmanship as much as I did.  In 1992 an independent wholesale rep of handmade jewelry, gifts and clothing items approached me. Wanting to leave the business, she agreed to pass on her Midwest customer base.  And so, Bennye Seide, Inc. began.